This site will give you a check list on how to find the best Forex broker for you in terms of your geographical location, services you need and capital you have to deposit.

There are a huge variety of  brokerages to choose from and our check list will give you the key area you need to look for when deciding which broker to deposit with. All the companies we review in out top 10, are regulated Forex brokers. You should always deposit your cash with a financially strong company and one where you have a regulatory body which ensures the company adheres to a strict code of conduct in the way they deal with your money. In conclusion if company  is not regulated then don't risk giving them money.

Top 10 Forex Brokers

Our top 10 list is subjective but comes from feedback from thousands of our clients, who read our educational sites. The list, covers brokers which are good for both beginners or experienced traders. Today, brokers can give you a fantastic window of opportunity to trade currencies which is one of the best ways to build long term wealth. 

Forex Trading Platforms

The trading platform you use is a key consideration, as it needs to be easy to use, offer reliable order execution and give you the extras you may need such as technical studies. A great advantage   with most trading platforms is you can test it with a demo account. A demo account is a great way to test the service of any broker with no risk.

We hope you enjoy the site and please note, we do not recommend any company as the best Forex broker because, this will depend on the deposit you have where you are based and personal preferences in terms of services.